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Changing climate and its impact on Pakistan

Changing climate and its impact on Pakistan

Disaster looms

According to international and national environmental scientists, Pakistan is considered in those countries which have been mostly affected by climate change. Pakistan is among those top 20 countries which will be hit hard by climate change. As we know that Pakistan is a weaker economic state, so Pakistan will be badly affected by climate change. The weak economic structure of Pakistan exposes her in all socio-economic structures such as water, agriculture, energy, basic health, and especially in livelihoods. This weak economic structure needs to be improved because climate change is still taking place and will affect the country very badly in the near future. We have seen that from the past few years, that the earth is warming up due to global warming and with it the consequences have also started. In Pakistan, the coastlines are shrinking, deserts are spreading and storms are growing stronger, while at the Poles, centuries- old ice sheets are melting and breaking, and this all is taking place because of climate change.

According to scientists, 75 percent of climate change is caused by human activities. Human activities from pollution to overpopulation are driving up the Earth’s temperature and changing the world around us. The main cause is the greenhouse effect. The more the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the more they will trap heat in the atmosphere. This will strengthen the greenhouse effect and raise the Earth’s temperature all over the world.

The industrial revolution resulted in climate change. The industrial activities like burning of fossil fuels result in the release of carbon dioxide and which causes a rise in the temperature of Earth. The US Department of Defense has highlighted that climate change is the great threat to the national security of sovereign states. Climate change is reshaping our world and also reshaping our atmosphere.